Suppose you want to use or order the MyIndigoCard after familiarizing yourself with the features and benefits of the Indigo Platinum Mastercard and investing a small portion of your valuable time. The registration process that you must follow in this portal is simple.

MyIndigoCard is licensed by Celtic Bank, a private bank based in Utah, USA. As a trusted card issuer making legitimate offers to cardholders, Celtic Bank has several advantages.

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Unless users are eligible for a lower year-end plan, they should prefer the services of the MyIndigoCard registration portal to increase their capacity and credit limit. The Indigo card offers all the privileges of Mastercard, including the extended warranty and travel assistance.

Indigo cardholders can invest a lot on the first payment and the Indigo Platinum card can still give access to the Indigo Platinum card. Celtic Bank is an official bank based in Salt Lake City and therefore introduced MyIndigoCard.

What’s The Process To Register At MyIndigoCard.com?

Many Indigo MasterCard holders are not recognized when registering this card on the official website. Don’t worry, users will find detailed instructions on how to register online here. To log in to the MyIndigoCard portal, the card must be activated on the official website www.MyIndigoCard.com.

  • The user must first go to the MyIndigoCard site by entering the URL www.MyIndigoCard.com.
  • Then double click on the Register tab on the same page.
  • Enter your MyIndigoCard account number in the appropriate section.
  • Then enter the date of birth and the expiration date of the card in the appropriate section.
  • Now enter the SSN which is your social security number.
  • Immediately after entering the information above, double-tap the Next tab to continue.
  • The steps above complete the MyIndigoCard activation process.
  • All activity, including card transaction history, can be viewed and received when customers log into the portal. It is much easier to activate the card on the official website.

MyIndigoCard Login Instructions

To login, simply read and follow the instructions below.

  • To login, visit the official URL at www.MyIndigoCard.com.
  • Enter the appropriate username and password that you provided when registering on this portal.
  • Enter your account number, date of birth, and social security number.
  • After submitting the correct information, please verify and click the Login button.
  • If the information matches the portal database, you can log in and enjoy all the benefits.
  • Access to the MyIndigoCard is available at MyIndigoCard.com. If you are already a MyIndigoCard customer, you can log into your account to access your finances online.

Indigo Mastercard has no annual fees and offers rewards and other transactions at a reduced price. As soon as a MyIndigoCard user registers on the official portal, they receive a 2% discount of up to US $ 1,000 at gas stations and restaurant-restaurants.

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